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Eternal youth | Jeunesse éternelle

Eternal youth !

Eternal youth ! It is possible to be as fiery at 70 as at 17. Our eyes sometimes become jaded from everything they have seen, but our hearts never grow old. It is in the love that dwells in us that we draw our eternal youth, the energy we need to continue.

Jeunesse éternelle !

Jeunesse éternelle ! Il est possible d’être aussi fougueux à 70 ans qu’à 17 ans. Nos yeux deviennent parfois blasés de tout ce qu’ils ont vu, mais jamais notre Coeur ne vieillit , lui. C’est dans l’amour qui nous habite que nous puisons notre jeunesse éternelle, l’énergie dont nous avons besoin pour continuer.

Jeannette Bourassa 2021

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God is awake ! / Dieu est éveillé !

Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones, and when you have laboriously accomplished your task, go to sleep in peace. GOD is awake.

Ayez du courage pour les grandes peines de la vie et de la patience pour les petites, et quand vous aurez laborieusement accompli votre tâche, endormez-vous en paix. DIEU est éveillé.

Victor Hugo

Jeannette Bourassa 2021

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There is no death

There is no death

There is no death! The stars go down
To rise upon some other shore,
And bright in heaven’s jeweled crown
They shine forevermore.

There is no death! The forest leaves
Convert to life the viewless air;
The rocks disorganize to feed
The hungry moss they bear.

There is no death! The dust we tread
Shall change, beneath the summer showers
To golden grain, or mellowed fruit,
Or rainbow-tinted flowers.

There is no death! The leaves may fall,
And flowers may fade and pass away-
They only wait, through wintry hours,
The warm, sweet breath of May.

There is no death! The choicest gifts
That heaven hath kindly lent to earth
Are ever first to seek again
The country of their birth.

And all things that for growth or joy
Are worthy of our love or care,
Whose loss has left us desolate,
Are safely garnered there.

Though life becomes a desert waste,
We know it’s fairest, sweetest flowers,
Transplanted into Paradise,
Adorn immortal bowers.

The voice of birdlike melody
That we have missed and mourned so long,
Now mingles with the angel choir
In everlasting song.

There is no death! Although we grieve
When beautiful, familiar forms
That we have learned to love are torn
From our embracing arms-

They are not dead! They have but passed
Beyond the mists that blind us here
Into the new and larger life
Of that serener sphere.

Although with bowed and breaking heart,
With sable garb and silent tread,
We bear their senseless dust to rest,
And say that they are ‘dead,’

They have but dropped their robe of clay
To put their shining raiment on;
They have not wandered far away-
They are not ‘lost nor ‘gone.’

Though disenthralled and glorified
They still are here and love us yet;
The dear ones they have left behind
They never can forget.

And sometimes, when our hearts grow faint
Amid temptations fierce and deep,
Or when the wildly raging waves
Of grief or passion sweep,

We feel upon our fevered brow
Their gentle touch, their breath of balm;
Their arms enfold us, and our hearts
Grow comforted and calm.

And ever near us, though unseen,
The dear, immortal spirits tread-
For all the boundless universe
Is Life- there are no dead!

John Luckey McCreery

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Jeannette Bourassa 2021

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La suite logique !

La suite logique !

Nos réalisations sont à l’image et à la mesure de nos croyances. Nos actions sont faibles et peu conséquentes, si nous ne les appuyons pas par une attitude confiante. Lorsque le coeur, le corps, et l’esprit sont en harmonie et unis dans un but commun, tout coule de source et le succès devient la suite logique.

Jeannette Bourassa 2021

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Les gens deviennent remarquables quand ils commencent à penser qu’ils peuvent accomplir des choses. Quand ils croient en eux, ils possèdent le premier secret du succès.

Norman Vincent Peale
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Always Beginning Again !

Always Beginning Again !

I wish that there were some wonderful place in the Land of Beginning Again: Where all our mistakes and all our heartaches and all of our poor selfish grief could be dropped like a shabby old coat at the door and never put on again.

Louisa Fletcher Tarkington

Jeannette Bourassa 2021

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250 Followers ! / 250 Abonnés !

Thanks to all my subscribers for this result, because without You, nothing would be possible.

Merci à tous mes abonnés(ées) pour ce résultat, car sans Vous, rien ne serait possible.

Jeannette Bourassa 2021

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New Year 2021 || Nouvel An 2021

 I wish all my present and future subscribers a Happy New Year 2021 filled with Love and Peace. Thank you for following me in this WordPress adventure.

Je souhaite à tous mes abonnés présents et futurs une Bonne Année 2021 remplie d’Amour et de Paix. Merci de me suivre dans cette aventure WordPress.

Jeannette Bourassa 2021

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La Famille || The Family

La Famille, c’est là où la vie commence et où l’amour ne finit jamais. Que l’année 2021 vous apporte joie et bonheur et que Dieu vous bénisse tous et toutes.

The Family is where life begins and love never ends. May the year 2021 bring you joy and happiness and may God bless you all.

Jeannette Bourassa 2020

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Youth !

Youth is not a period of life, it is a state of mind, an effect of the will, a quality of the imagination, an emotional intensity, a victory of courage over shyness, of the taste for adventure on the love of comfort. You don’t get old for living a certain number of years; we get old because we have deserted our ideal. The years wrinkle the skin, renouncing its ideal wrinkles the soul. Concerns, doubts, fears and despair are the enemies which slowly make us lean towards the earth and become dust before death. Young is the one who is amazed and amazed. He asks like the insatiable child. And after ? He defies events and finds joy in the game of life. You are as young as your faith. As old as your doubt. As young as your self-confidence. As young as your hopes. As old as your despair. You will stay young as long as you remain receptive to what is beautiful, good and great, to the messages of nature, man and the infinite. If one day your heart was to be bitten by pessimism and gnawed at by pessimism. cynicism, may God have mercy on your old man’s soul.


Jeannette Bourassa 2020

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Suffering and success !


Dr. Edward Judson

Jeannette Bourassa 2020

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50 Articles / WordPress

Au-delà de mes espérances j’ai atteint 50 articles , alors que je ne croyais pas cela possible pour moi. Je suis fière de vous partager ma joie. Et je suis prête à continuer mon périple avec vous tous. Bonne journée. Beyond my expectations I reached 50 articles, when I did not believe it possible for […]

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Giving a Voice to the Voiceless !

This morning watching the TV station KTLA5, and in a short column for the month of black history in the United States, Mrs Areva Martin (renowned lawyer) having an autistic child and because of the lack of resources for parents autistic child founded Special Needs Network, Inc. And since I have a child with this […]

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Your Source !

Your Source !

Learn the way God is moving and then move with Him, and don’t be afraid, for God leads you to greater and more wonderful things ahead. You can trust Your Source. He will never fail you. Amen & Amen.

Jeannette Bourassa 2020

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