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A Word ! | Un Mot !

Never forget this:

  • An angry word can hurt a sensitive heart.
  • A word of reproach can cause tears to flow.
  • An impatient and thoughtless word can darken a day that promised to be bright.
  • A word of kindness can ease a hurting heart.
  • A word of sympathy can comfort a soul in distress.
  • A word of encouragement and hope can light a dark path.

(Unknown author)

N’oubliez jamais ceci :

  • Un mot de colère peut blesser un Coeur sensible.
  • Un mot de reproche peut faire couler des larmes.
  • Un mot impatient et irréfléchi peut assombrir un jour qui s’annonçait radieux.
  • Un mot de bonté peut soulager un Coeur qui souffrait.
  • Un mot de sympathie peut consoler une âme en détresse.
  • Un mot d’encouragement et d’espoir peut éclairer un chemin sombre.

(Auteur inconnu)

🌼© Jeannette Bourassa 2022

Auteur :

Je viens de Montréal, Québec (Canada). J'ai 78 ans. Je suis retraitée et très heureuse d'être une blogueuse sur WordPress.

10 commentaires sur « A Word ! | Un Mot ! »

      1. Growing Godly Generations@wordpress.comBorn For Us: Wonderful Counselor (Isaiah 9:1-7)

        Your Title holds the thesis statement of your piece. Yet immediately you make a confused collage hodgepodge. Silly foreign alien to the Hebrew T’NaCH common law codification, running around like a chicken with its head cut off – has nothing what so ever to do with Godliness. T’NaCH prophets command mussar. The heart and soul of all T’NaCH literature, “your piece” remains blithely, completely oblivious there unto. Your piece speculates that the prophet had visions of your silly messiah counterfeit about a millennium before some Roman propagandist introduced the new testament.

        The new testament narishkeit, appeared at the height of a series of Jewish Wars fought to expel the Romans from Judea. Half, if not more of the entire population of Judea died fighting those wars. The Romans would expel the survivors, sold and scattered across the Western Roman empire as captured slaves. Jews experienced a dark night of death, oppression, blood libels, taxation without representation, imprisonment behind dark ghetto walls without charges and unable to confront our accusers. The “Godly” European barbarians, their reign of absolute terror and injustice culminated in the first half of the 20th Century, when Godly Xtians murdered 75% of European Jewry in less than 4 years.

        T’NaCH prophets command mussar. The T’NaCH does not exist as an ancient book of history. The stories within the pages of the T’NaCH teach Aggaditah. 1/4th of the Sha’s Bavli (Babylonian Talmud) teaches Aggaditic stories of mussar. The absolute arrogance of your religion, wherein priests and pastors, one and all, throughout some 2000+ years of cruel injustice and bloodshed, not limited only to Jewish minority refugee populations by a long shot, this religion of arrogance presumes that its religious elite can interpret and understand the T’NaCH completely divorced and removed from the culture customs practices and ways of the people who wrote all the Books of the T’NaCH and Talmud.

        Prophetic mussar rebukes all generations living. It’s this unique quality which defines prophesy. Not only does your tumah arrogance not know the basic fundamentals of Yiddishkeit, for 2000+ years your priests and pastors remain blind to the central instruction of all the T’NaCH prophets – Mussar. Your silly narishkeit reads by rote and projects upon your pie in the sky JeZeus. But Jews have reconquered our homelands following the Shoah. My people rose from the grave yards of Europe and we rule and govern the oath sworn lands. Your pie in the sky narishkeit, no longer tolerated.

        Justice – Jews have ceased existing as stateless refugee populations scattered across the face of the earth. Now the church rots and stinks in exile – waiting for the 2nd Coming of JeZeus the mamzer son of Mary. Much to the shock and dismay of Europe. European States of England, France, Germany, and Russia no longer sit as the Great Powers, who at a whim can carve nations into Spheres of Influence, like as done with 19th Century China. China’s Century of Shame, like that of the Israeli nation has ended. And your Roman based counterfeit religion never saw it coming.

        Church corruption and oppression throughout its entire history on this Planet has shaped the din known as “Fear of Heaven” upon that cursed religion of bloodshed. All Xtians bear the mark of Cain unto all eternity. The days of your dominance and cruel misrule have reached their end. Both America and Europe – secular societies. Attacks made against Xtians mounts and increases as the years pass. The influence of priests and pastors withers and fades with each sex scandal or association of church finances with the Mafia. Rome sits perched in complete and total isolation. Popes ride in a heavily armored popemobile, to protect him from assassination.


        [[[“””The prophet would go on to say, “The people will pass through the land, greatly distressed and hungry. And when they are hungry, they will be enraged and will speak contemptuously against their king and their God, and turn their faces upward. And they will look to the earth, but behold, distress and darkness, the gloom of anguish. And they will be thrust into thick darkness.” (Isa 8:21-22). While the Assyrian army invaded the land of Judah (tribal territories of Zebulun and Naphtali or more commonly known in NT as Galilee) leaving the land famished, empty and in total despair and darkness. Left alone, there was little hope in Judah. Isaiah’s prophecy in chapter 9 is in a verbal tense that the action is already completed, yet we know it was not. The prophet trusted God’s promises were already fulfilled because of His faithfulness to his covenant promise to give help and hope (Gen 12:1-3, Ps 105:8-11).”””]]]

        Shall limit the study of Jewish common law to your quoted Isa 8:21-22. This cherry picking of verses manifests propaganda and any awareness of Jewish common law. The latter stands upon precedents. Both the T’NaCH and Talmud learn by means of making close precedent comparisons. This my 3rd comment upon your jibberish narishkeit, shall repeat: All T’NaCH p’sukim, contained within a larger sugia. Logic stands upon Order. The Order of the T’NaCH – sugiot. Your biblical translations, one and all, uprooted the Order of sugiot within the T’NaCH. As a consequence, Xtians lost the ability to learn within the context of a sugia.

        T’NaCH common law compares sugiot with similar sugiot. The new testament books of propaganda make Joseph Goebbels proud. Ripping a p’suk\verse from its sugia contexts violates the principles of T’NaCH common law. Beginning with the New Testament itself, this counterfeit religion acted as if Jewish customs, culture and ways never existed. In the late 19th Century, German Protestant Higher Criticism made precisely this exact error. It viewed the T’NaCH as Paleontologists study fossils. Alas for these pathetic “scholars”, T’NaCH does not teach history. This fundamental error likewise defines all Xtian “scholarship” to this very day.

        Church fanatics confuse ancient literature with history. While the T’NaCH shares tangential points with history, the T’NaCH Aggaditic stories teach mussar. Mussar does not depend upon the physical existence of any character within its pages. Aggaditah compares more to fictional novels rather than historical biographies. Church creeds, theologies, dogmatism, and doctrine absolutely requires a physical historical JeZeus. T’NaCH aggadic characters by stark contrast, their mussar instructs the generations of bnai brit Israel irregardless whether those characters of Aggaditah physically lived on this planet earth.

        T’NaCH prophetic mussar commandments apply to all generations of bnai brit Israel, both with in the Constitutional Republic and in g’lut\exile. The prophets mussar seeks to arouse the hearts of my people to do t’shuvah. T’shuvah shares no common ground with “repentance”. The latter depends upon ‘Sin’. T’shuvah weighs the measure that bnai brit Man turns away from following and embracing assimilation to foreign cultures and customs of alien Goyim who never accepted the Torah at Sinai and Horev.

        Xtianity, from its inception till today pays no heed to Jewish culture customs manners and ways. Therefore the Xtian notion of repentance operates in a completely different galaxy than does t’shuvah. Mitzvot learn from other mitzvot, just as Common law stands upon precedents. Torah commandments apply in both the oath sworn lands and g’lut. Observance of mitzvot, only Jews living within the oath sworn lands can sanctify mitzvot observance. Doing mitzvot לשמה defines all T’NaCH mitzvot. The opening Mishna of גטין\divorce/ teaches that g’lut Jewry lost the wisdom to do mitzvot לשמה. Observance of mitzvot לא לשמה defines g’lut Jewry like the cherry picking of p’sukim\verse defines the new testament fraudulent scriptures.

        Ezra and the Men of the Great Assembly sealed the masoret known as the literature of the T’NaCH. The new testament attempt to enfranchise the new testament with the T’NaCH, it ignored the decree whereby Ezra and the Men of the Great Assembly, in the early formative years of the 2nd Commonwealth, whereby these sages sealed the literature of the T’NaCH. Later Jewish Alexandria Jewry writers, like Ben Sira and Egyptian Hellenistic writers of that jaundra era, their Apocrypha Books, excluded from the sealed T’NaCH masoret\tradition/Kabbalah. How much more so, the Roman counterfeit new testament narishkeit\non sense.

        Xtians gossip among themselves and say that the only difference between Yiddishkeit and Xtianity, Jews reject Jesus as the messiah. No. Much more fundamental, Jews reject the religion of Xtianity which bases itself upon theologies and creeds rather than Common law. Doing mitzvot לשמה applies to all generations of Jews. The idea of messiah, whether he came or has yet to come, shares no common ground with the obligation to do mitzvot לשמה. No person can do mitzvot לשמה for other bnai brit. The foreign alien idea of the Roman Messiah, it shares no common ground with the T’NaCH faith of the obligation upon all bnai brit Jewry, in all generations to do mitzvot לשמה – the 1st commandment of the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai.

        Why for example did the Wilderness generation die in g’lut. That generation accepted the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai! That generations did not accept the Torah לשמה. The Yatzir Ha’Rah seduces the hearts of all generations of bnai brit to do and keep the Torah לא לשמה – the 1st Commandment of the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai. Why does the first commandment @ Sinai make mention of Egypt. The Yatzir Ha’Rah continually seduces Israel to return back to Egypt. How? The Yatzir Ha’Rah encourages bnai brit Man to assimilate to the culture customs and ways practiced by the societies of both Egypt and Canaan. Assimilation defines avodah zarah – the 2nd commandment of the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai.

        The avodah zara of both Xtianity and Islam, both “assimilate” and translate the Spirit Name of HaShem ie רוח הקודש\Holy Spirit/ unto words: YHVH, Yahweh, Jehovah, Lord, Father, Yeshuah, Jesus, Allah etc etc etc. Translating the רוח הקודש Name unto words defines the avodah zarah – the sin of the Golden Calf – the definition of the 2nd Commandment @ Sinai. Jews reject the new testament because it share no common ground with the common law Hebrew T’NaCH and Talmud. Many things depict the history of the church, but justice has no part or portion with that religion of avodah zarah. Now ‘Fear of Heaven’ exposes the trash name\destroyed reputation/ of Xtianity and the Xtian faith…’by their fruits you shall know them’.

        Adam and Eve attempted to conceal their nakedness in the Garden; vanity of vanity all is vanity. Xtianity has preached the disgrace of sin. Oblivious of the sins committed by the church in all generations. But post Shoah, with the rise of the Jewish State of Israel, Jews will rub the noses of Xtianity into the stink of their sins, like a man house trains a puppy. Xtians now wear the shoes of exile, and measure for measure they can expect no compassion nor mercy by Jews for their sins. They can cry out to JeZeus, but their noise accomplishes nothing. The wait in g’lut and rot. Jews mock them saying: when’s the 2nd coming?!

        Let’s learn. Your cherry picked p’sukim\verses sit within the sugia of ח:יט-ט:ו This sugia have previously addressed. Therefore this time around shall bring bracketing precedents from other Books of the T’NaCH. Seeing that notions of messiah have infected your brain, something like rabies, shall make a study of precedents in the Books of Shmuel, to first bracket your diseased mind, and then thereafter fire for effect.

        Mitzvot learn from other mitzvot. This basic rule which defines all T’NaCH and Talmudic literature, it specifically defines the mitzvah of Moshiach. Which Torah commandment did the prophet Shmuel base his mitzva of Moshiach upon? In 2000+ years of skewed Xtianity, not a single Goy has ever asked this most basic and fundamental question. Fear of Heaven derides and mocks all Xtian theology, creeds, dogma, and doctrines. Moshe the prophet commands a simple commandment: do not add or subtract from any of the commandments which the greatest of all prophets commands.

        The believers have not done their homework, not in 2000+ years. What a complete and total disgrace. שמואל א יז:לו David’s confidence that עמלו אל that HaShem guided his path walk, irregardless of lions and bears, that in this conflict with the Philistine giant, that here too he would prevail. Contrast this one verse sugia with your sugia where the Yatzir Ha’Rah entices people to place their trust in witches and necromancers. King Shaul, the rejected Moshiach, consorted with a necromancer witch on the day that he died in battle.

        Now shall bracket your sugia by slightly over shooting the mark. שמוא א ל:א-ו. Confronted by disaster, David maintains his cool and confidence that HaShem guides the walk of his destiny. Now — Fire for Effect: BOOM! שמואל א כט:ו-יא Whether and whom ever David served, he served both friend or foe with integrity. This precise precedent understands the k’vanna of your cherry picked p’sukim – Isa 8:21-22.

        Aimé par 1 personne

    1. Original research which views both T’NaCH and Talmud as common law codifications.

      Recall my absolute shock, during the opening days of formally learning Torah @ the Chabad Yeshiva in Har Nof Jerusalem. The Rosh Yeshiva, rabbi Kaplan, introduced the Mishna as a Common Law Case\Rule/ legal system. No rabbi before or sense ever made such a definitive understanding of the Mishna. Did this Common law legal system equally apply to the T’NaCH? My research argues most definitely YES.

      Since moving to Israel in 1991, have made efforts to do t’shuvah. T’shuvah shares no common ground with the Xtian Anathema known as repentence. T’shuvah addresses the plague of Jewish assimilation to foreign cultures and customs practiced by peoples and societies who never accepted the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai and Horev. Assimilation represents the bane of g’lut Jewry’s existence throughout our 2000+ years in accursed g’lut. Stateless Jewish refugee populations scattered in tiny enclave population centers dispersed across the Middle Eastern Sephardi black communities and Ashkenazic white European communities. All Jews throughout history have struggled with doing t’shuvah in the face of assimilation.

      Jewish assimilation defined as: Jews who abandon our Cohen identities, and embrace the cultures and customs of alien peoples; comparable to the black folk, former slaves, who embrace the Xtian religion of their slave owning masters. As an Israeli have made allot of racial humor which lampoons black assimilation to their white over lords. Religious Jews in Israel refer to themselves as “Black”. My humor, which attempts to compare religious haredi Jews to ‘niggers’, alas few of my peers make the jump whereby my humor mocks my own people.

      Most people who hear my racial jokes never make the משל\נמשל דיוקים. They take a טפש פשט literal understanding of my racial slurs. They assume that racist jokes refer to black folk in America rather than the butt of religious Haredi Jews in Israel. Something like the missionizers in Tulsa Oklahoma, did not know how to respond when this lost Jew boy, as they viewed me, informed them that i considered myself as a heathen atheist praise G-d. Religion, whether practiced by Goyim or Jews, tends to assume a view of itself as much to praiseworthy.

      Religion, all religion, merits taking its “holiness & perfection” with a large amount of salt. Most religious Jews whom have encountered in Israel, they remind me of a dog who continually chases after its tail; a silly hamster who runs itself half to death on a treadmill. Most religious Yidden simply adore religious rhetoric and propaganda. Something like the Fascists of Nazi Germany loved their pomp parades and nigh time rallies.

      They love the ribbons and bells and never ever attempt to explore, much less so, understand the substance and purpose behind the ritual pageantry. Nothing more galled me in my youth, when I visited the homes of my black mamma maids and their they displayed their Xtian religious relics. My black mamma maids lived on the other side of the tracks! In the early 1960s Jim Crow laws still prevailed in Midland Texas. It equally infuriated me whenever my mother would consider herself “above” blacks, her social inferiors.

      From an early age, tended to associate religion and racism as two peas in the same pod. Have never felt a comfort or at ease when around religion. When ever Religious Mass movements come together – Power rather than morality defines their purpose. Religious power, compares to Socrates forced to drink a cup of poison hemlock. Sooner trust that a snake would not bite me if i stepped on it, than trust the power of religion not to convert me into becoming arrogant. Very much feel at home with secular society. Herein explains the burr under my saddle in matters of doing t’shuvah!

      How does a Yid divorce T’NaCH and Talmud from Frumkeit? The Haredi Yidden behave much like as did my mother’s behavior toward blacks. Secular society, poor nebekals – “broken children”! [Hebrew employs such quaint terms for social contempt. Nebek, pathetic social inferiors who merit nothing but extreme pity; תינוק שנשבר: (literally: a Jewish child captured and raised by Goyim)].

      As if the children of Haredi Yidden families, don’t struggle with assimilation just as much or more, than do secular Yidden families! Religion spews a poison of “I am Saved” arrogant social superiority. Expressed through the different kippa head coverings. G-d forbid that a person who dons a Kippah sruga, (knitted kippa), should ever disgrace himself, even on Purim, by wearing a black haredi kippa!

      Immediately noticed, from day one in Yeshiva, that religious commentaries on the Talmud and T’NaCH, they did not lampoon and criticize religious Jewry. Religious Jewry their shit doesn’t also stink? Disputes defines all the commentaries ever written. Yet, despite these bitter disputes, no rabbinic authority ever criticized Jewish religious practices as wrong! This fundamental and basic flaw in the study of the pursuit of religious commentaries, pilpulism, this glaring flaw caused me to first reject the Reshonim commentaries upon the T’NaCH and Talmud. What happened to the priority of Mussar during the Middle Ages? The ‘Golden Age’ of Spain witnessed a total rabbinic assimilation to the rediscovered ancient Greek philosophers!

      The silence, the total lack of denunciation for the betrayal of rabbinic authorities, their public assimilation to despised ancient Greek cultures and customs … what Jews light the lights of Chanukah … only for the lights themselves! This realization, that’s when I started mocking “black” Haredi Jews by lampooning the niggers of America! It never ceased to amaze me that religious Yidden failed to hop that my racial jokes mocked religious Haredi Jews, and not the black people of American society! Haredi Yidden just could not get past the racial ribbons and bells to grasp that my harsh criticism, it directed denounced their religions of rabbinic assimilation.

      Assimilation — the first face of avodah zarah. A direct violation of the 2nd Commandment of Sinai. Two key figures define this avodah zarah: (1) King Shlomo’s construction of the 1st Temple; (2) The Rambam’s halachic perversion of Rabbi Akiva’s פרדס explanation of the revelation of the Oral Torah @ Horev. This line of research delves into a highly complex and difficult realm of scholarship. For example, never in 2000+ years has any Xtian “scholar” realized that the Hebrew T’NaCH functions as the first common law codification. The Reshonim scholarship likewise crashed on this reef of T’NaCH common law!

      As a T’NaCH\Talmud researcher, seek to view both T’NaCH and Talmudic subjects from a completely different perspective. Have presented arguments which denounce both king Shlomo’s decision to build the Temple and the Rambam’s halachic codification, as both ruinous and an absolute disaster for all generations of Jewry that came thereafter. Herein explains in a new way the classic Hebrew concept of ירידות הדורות. A theological idea that promotes that later generations lack the mental capabilities possessed by earlier generations. This rabbinic dogmatism has plagued my people for a very long time. How to refute and negate this long standing dogma held near and dear among my rabbinic peers?

      Decisions taken by a great leader, they produce, so to speak, a domino effect. Once Shlomo built the Temple, no one ever challenged thereafter the validity of this decision. None of the kings who came after Shlomo, nor the prophets, etc. The construction of the Temple, rather than the priority to establish a Federal Sanhedrin court system, suddenly switched immediately thereafter the ‘Golden Ideal’ goal posts. All kings thereafter viewed the grand images of the Temple as the golden ideal. צדק צדק תדוף became just a back water eddy.

      But what if king Shlomo ignored the council of the prophet NaTan like his son at Sh’Cem did with the elders, who advised king Sh’lomo when he ruled as king? Because no Jewish authority ever asked this question, this resulted in all later generations lacking the mental ability to put the nation back on its original destiny path walk! Israel came out of the bondage of Egypt to rule the oath sworn lands with justice. HaShem did not redeem Israel from oppressive slavery, just for our People to build ornate and spectacular Temples.

      The same equally holds true with how the Rambam halachic code redefined the concept of halachah. All generations thereafter, b/c no one challenged the premise which the Rambam code established, no generation thereafter could ever correct the gross error in judgment made by the Rambam. The Rambam code quickly overshadowed the B’hag, Rif, and Rosh, codes which compared halachic precedents to a Case\Rule Mishna. Prophetic mussar, too became just a back water eddy. Aggaditah turned ‘black’; just a poor nigger pariah ‘boy’! It became fit for only quaint woman’s learning; T’NaCH transformed into a history book!

      Rabbis in Yeshiva quite often skipped over the Aggadic portions of the Talmud in order to focus upon the Rambam perversion of Talmudic halachah! Yeshiva students became oblivious to the spirit of prophetic mussar – how it breathes life – unto the halachic forms of ritual observances. Students could only see the halachic ritual whistles and bells, what mussar rebuke lay beneath the shiny tinsel, did not interest them in the least. Baali T’shuvah Yeshivot in Jerusalem cranked out massed produced Frumkeit Yidden, all uniformly dressed up in their holier than thou religious uniforms.


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