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3 ans WordPress !

Je suis très heureuse de faire partie de la famille WordPress depuis 3 ans.

Jeannette Bourassa 2021

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Je viens de Montréal, Québec (Canada). J'ai 78 ans. Je suis retraitée et très heureuse d'être une blogueuse sur WordPress.

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      1. The role of HaShem in the T’NaCH and Talmudic common law codifications. The T’NaCH employs a historical backdrop to introduce its Mussar\Justice instruction unto all generations of bnei brit Israel. The Talmud conclusively proves that the star role in this theatric-play, tells the story of the birth, descent unto g’lut, redemption, establishment of the kingdom and collapse and fall of the first Republic. Concluding with the redemption of that refugee people and their restoration of the 2nd Commonwealth.

        Therefore who enjoys star billing in this theatric play … HaShem or the Jewish people? For the authors of the new testament and Koran, clearly the Father\Son and Allah assume the mantle as King. But the Book of Shmuel, that prophet receives the command to anoint an Israel as King. As proof that the Israelites, our failure to do the commandments and mitzvot לשמה. This critical mussar rebukes all generations of the chosen Cohen nation from the Wilderness generation till today. Hence the star of the show … bnai brit Israel. Both codifications teach common law. Common law applies strictly and only to bnai brit Israel, not to Jews in g’lut nor to Goyim. Outside the borders of Israel – there breathes no God.

        Contrast the Framers of the new testament and Koran, they interpreted their bibles – all about some Universal God. Both foreign narratives read the Bible as a history book rather than a mussar theatrical play. Both narratives do not understand: not ברית, nor prophesy. Neither alien religion grasps that ברית commands a sworn oath in the Name of HaShem; that all prophesy commands mussar. These fundamental distinctions remain for ever lost to the Creeds and theologies espoused by Goyim who profess their expert knowledge of the T’NaCH….NOT.

        These priests of avodah zarah struggle with how to weigh the wrath of God against the love of God. How does this God effect Salvation before JeZeus. For most Goyim, the ‘Old Testament’ of their bibles … just as well might be called the ‘Dead Testament’. Goyim struggle to understand their ‘dead old testament’: its history, contents and theology. It never has occurred, since even before the Romans expelled Jewish survivors from Judea that the T’NaCH, as a body of literature, that T’NaCH contains no history, nor theology. T’NaCH commands mussar. And mussar alone does the T’NaCH command.

        The ‘Old Testament’ classification, it destroyed the 3 part Order of the T’NaCH. This perverted classification, its Framers devilishly employed it to destroy the priority of the Torah over the other 2 parts of the NaCH. The new testament framers, they raped the T’NaCH by learning cherry picked verses, stolen away from their sugia contexts. This scholastic crime, no Goy ‘scholar’ has ever condemned. These writers falsely assume that the ‘Old Testament’ exists as part of ‘their’ bible. Medieval Reform ‘scholars’, like Calvin and Luther, interpreted ‘their’ Old Testament as a theological document closely bound to ‘their’ new testament.

        Just as the Rambam made no commentary upon the Aggaditah within the Talmud, these foreign Goyim ‘scholars’ too, never made any commentary on the T’NaCH. Church fathers divorced ‘their’ Old Testament from the culture, customs, and practices of the Jewish people who wrote all the Books of the T’NaCH. The impish classification ‘inspired by God’ as opposed to the ‘words & works of Man’, as the surgical knife wherein the church fathers dissected the T’NaCH away from Talmud and Midrash. The church fathers ignored and despised Jewish objections to the counterfeit Greek new testament forgery.

        This fundamental error, combined with the unilateral decision to impose a ‘New World Order’ upon the organization of the T’NaCH which uprooted the Order of sugiot, unto chapters and verses – produced a devastating domino effect, known in Hebrew as ירידות הדורות, the deterioration and decay of the mental capabilities of all generations born thereafter. Goyim ‘scholars’ assume that the Framers of the T’NaCH existed as concrete\real personages. Hence their scholarship virtually rejects all allegorical methods of interpretation. Who studies Augustine’s allegorical interpretations? Rather church theology and dogma preaches a perversion, which frames their Universal God, as the God who loves all Mankind; a popular corruption, the עשרת הדיבורות unto the 10 Commandments.

        The Talmud teaches that Israel accepted only the first two Commandments at the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai. Goyim never think to ask: Why did the Framers of the Torah organize the Sinai revelation into 10 Commandments? The כלל, mitzvot learn from other mitzvot, means nothing to the Church Fathers. The organization into the 10 Commandments learns from the precedent of the 10 plagues in Egypt. Torah stands upon the יסוד of Life or Death – Blessing or Curse, sworn oath brit.

        In 1787 Johann Gabler declared a distinction between biblical and systematic theologies; dogmatics being the latter and historical origins touching how T’NaCH writers understood the Divine, represents the former. Dogma tends to moralize excessively. It, for example, quakes and moans against the tortures & agonies of Hell. It philosophizes about Divine things, such as the mystery of the Trinity. Gabler separated his biblical theology apart and away from the deafening influence of ancient Greek philosophers and their obtuse interpretations which define Church dogma, creeds, and doctrines.

        Gabler attempted to superimpose the Church belief systems upon the authors of ‘his’ Old Testament. Gabler attempted to eliminate the predetermination of all dogma theologies imposed by the Catholic church. His ‘alchemy’ sought to separate and define the inspiration of the Divine. Gabler presumption of Scripture: it speaks to all eras because it first spoke to a specific era. None the less, this rational philosophy struggles with non empirical evidence. It never questioned whether Job, for example, only “lived” to instruct a mussar allegory.

        The study of T’NaCH does not break down into opposing rationalism vs. super-naturalism. T’NaCH instructs mussar. Mussar applies to all generation of bnai brit Israel because within the heart of all our people burns a conflict between the opposing Yatzirot: the tohor Yatzir vs. the tumah Yatzir. The interpretation of בכל לבבך\לבבכם, as Esau and Yaacov in the womb of Rivka, learns from the knowledge of the Tree of Good and Evil. The story of Adam in the Garden, it has no historical/physical\concrete component.

        The new testament ‘believers’, suffer from ‘christ on the brain’. A disease comparable to rabies. This ‘messiah complex’ compares to the injection of a foreign ‘Good News’ virus that destroys the brains of its victims, causing senseless violence and insanity. The notion that the bible teaches ‘Universal Laws’ this rather blunt notion, it ignores church war crimes committed throughout history.

        Mussar addresses the Yatzir dispute within the heart. This “Yatzir” has no physical existence. Something like Freud’s failure to find the physical source cause of emotions within the brain. Kant’s concept of ‘two impulses’, resembles Rabbi Yechuda Ha’Nasi’s explanation of the Yatzirot within the heart. None the less, German philosophy failed to address the Torah concept of g’lut, first learned from the story of the exile of Adam from the Garden. This critical defining theme, church theologians remained totally blind to its existence.

        Their alien theologies failed to grasp, that Monotheism fundamentally violates the Second Commandment of the Revelation of the Torah @ Sinai. Xtianity stands upon the exact same cracked foundation of faith as does Islam and its’ Koran. Another example of the ירידות הדורות domino effect, Xtian ‘scholars’ failed to challenge the rejection by the Church of the revelation of the Oral Torah @ Horev. These ‘scholars’ likewise stumble over a central topic. Does the story of JeZeus define the apex of T’NaCH spirituality? For 2000+ years, Jews reject the assumption made by foreign Gospel writers. The Shoah serves as evidence that Xtian Europe has always existed as a collection of societies – hosting a violent, barbaric, sub-humans; a species of inferior diseased personages, infected with the “virus” known as ‘messiah rabies’. Xtians search for a God salvation from their sins, like a rabid animal thirsts to drink water.

        The error that confuses the prioritization of Oral Torah logic over Commandment Law, no Church ‘scholar’ could ever acknowledge. T’NaCH functions as mussar Aggaditah rather than teaches history. Church avodah zarah limits the reality of the Gods to a historical existence, confined to the Ghetto realms of three dimensions. Their JeZeus simply has to be a physical, historical person; Job could not possibly exist as an imaginary man.

        With Israeli Independence in 1948, and repeated again in 1967, the church has found itself standing on its back feet. Jews once more rule our homelands while the post Shoah church rots in g’lut as stateless refugees, despised minority populations, waiting for the 2nd Coming of JeZeus. Church theology, doctrine, and dogmatism, the Shoah has up-rooted and ripped to shreds these long standing claims and promises as utterly false and totally bogus. Church biblical scholarship has proven itself as completely bankrupt and void.

        An Independent Israel has transformed stateless Jewish refugee populations into a nation which strives to build economic and political alliances with all Arab and Muslim countries across the Middle East and North Africa. Jews do not have to bow with a broken spirit, as once did Ghetto g’lut Jewry. Judaism can now freely repudiate the new testament abomination. We can openly denounce Europe for their lack of justice, and mock their JeZeus salvation from Hell.

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