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My Facebook Page / Ma Page Facebook

Invitation to my Facebook Page !

I would like to inform You that recently I created a Facebook Page called Le Blog de JayJay always linked to my Blog on WordPress.
Here is the URL:
Thank you in advance for your visit and have a nice day!

Invitation vers ma Page Facebook !

Je tiens à Vous informer que dernièrement j’ai créé une Page Facebook intitulée Le Blog de JayJay toujours en lien avec mon Blog sur WordPress.
Voici donc l’adresse URL:
Merci à l’avance de votre visite et bonne journée à Vous !

👍© Jeannette Bourassa 2022

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Je viens de Montréal, Québec (Canada). J'ai 78 ans. Je suis retraitée et très heureuse d'être une blogueuse sur WordPress.

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      1. The Jewish debate which pitted Greek rationalism against פרדס common law logic.

        The assimilation to ancient Greek philosophy, commonly known as: rationalism. This debate witnessed the victory of the assimilated rational school over traditional פרדס common law school. The latter system of logic, had defined how to correctly learn T’NaCH, Talmud, and Midrashim, prior to the outbreak of the Rambam Civil War. Billed by later generations as the controversy between Faith vs Reason. This twisted categorization of Common Law vs Roman Statute Law, its complete and total ignorance, effectively blew out the “Chanukkah lights” miracle, across the spectrum of g’lut Jewish communities.

        The Chanukkah Civil War\Revolt, occurred during middle period of the 2nd Republic. Assimilated Tzeddukim רשעים, embraced Greek logic philosophy as true. In 167 BCE, these assimilated traitors from the House of Aaron, attempted to turn Jerusalem into a Greek polis city-state. The Book of the Maccabees compiles the history, which records the defeat of the Tzeddukim rebels.

        The rediscovery of ancient Greek manuscripts, concealed by Church censorship for almost a millennium, a direct consequence of the Muslim invasion of Spain. The rediscovery of forgotten ancient Greek logic, released the bottled genie out of its prison. Once again assimilated Jewish traitors kissed and worshipped the dead idol Gods worshipped by the ancient Greeks and Romans. The Rambam’s organization of his halachot into religious subject matter. That Code of statute law, based itself upon ancient Greek rationalism, rather than פרדס Oral Torah middot of logic.

        The latter system of common law, its logic works by and through making precedent comparisons of סוגיות within the T’NaCH to other similar סוגיות. Based upon a shared common denominator of identical middot. This system of common law logic, likewise compares Mishnaic Case/law rulings to other Gemarah halachot, based upon the identicle system of logic. This unique sh’itta/system, it defines the style expressed through Talmudic common law legalism.

        The later commentaries made upon the Yitzchak al-Fasi, the Rif, his halachic code, they compare to the later halachic commentary written by the Rosh. All the later super-commentaries on the B’hag, Rif, Rosh and Rambam codes, they all err, and learn the halachah contained within the B’hag/Rif/Rosh common law codes as statute law. Knowledge of learning common law halachic precedents, by which to understand the language of the Mishnah, all together ceased.

        The public book burnings of the Talmud witnessed the near total collapse of Torah common law scholarship. Assimilated Greek rationalism replaced the common law logic system of “Faith”, which learns the Talmud strictly as common law. Only the Rosh, who witnessed the Paris 1242 burnings, this one last Great Posek held firm to the middot logic system of faith, and rejected the rationalism by which the Rambam code redefined the sh’itta of how to learn the Talmud, which replaced פרדס logic with Greek rationalism.

        The Rosh code, like the B’hag and Rif codes interpreted Gemarah halachot as precedents by which to learn the k’vanna of Mishnaic common law justice. The Rambam, ben Asher, and Karo codes, together with all the later super-commentaries on these codes, they fail to affix Gemarah halachot as precedents to understand the k’vanna of the Mishnah.

        Ben Asher, the son of the Rosh, based his Tur codification upon Greek rationalism rather than the kabbalah taught by his father, which understood Rabbi Akiva’s פרדס common law direction, of how to learn the Written Torah by means of משנה תורה common law precedents. The Karo statute law halachic codes, the Beit Yosef and Shulkah Aruch, they too broke faith with the logic of common law learning. These latter day counterfeit codes of statute religious halachic law, they sealed the cursed fate of g’lut Jewry; thrown off the path walk which Moshe the prophet commands the generations of Israel. His common law Torah compilation: the 4 Books of the Written Torah and 1 Book Oral Torah.

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