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50 Articles / WordPress

Au-delà de mes espérances j’ai atteint 50 articles , alors que je ne croyais pas cela possible pour moi. Je suis fière de vous partager ma joie. Et je suis prête à continuer mon périple avec vous tous. Bonne journée.

Beyond my expectations I reached 50 articles, when I did not believe it possible for me. I am proud to share my joy with you. And I am ready to continue my journey with all of you. Have a good day.

Jeannette Bourassa 2020

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Giving a Voice to the Voiceless !

This morning watching the TV station KTLA5, and in a short column for the month of black history in the United States, Mrs Areva Martin (renowned lawyer) having an autistic child and because of the lack of resources for parents autistic child founded Special Needs Network, Inc. And since I have a child with this disease in my immediate family, I would like to share these contact details with you:
And to you my subscribers Good day.

Jay Jay 2020

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