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Sans condition | Without condition

Nous ne savons jamais ce qui ce trame dans la vie des personnes que nous côtoyons. Chacun livre ses batailles, affronte ses démons et fait son possible selon les circonstances. Nous n’avons pas besoin de comprendre pour avoir de la compassion. Nous n’avons qu’à faire le choix de respecter et d’aimer l’autre sans condition.

We never know what’s going on in the lives of the people we meet. Each one delivers its battles, faces its demons and does its possible according to the circumstances. We don’t need to understand to have compassion. We only have to make the choice to respect and love the other unconditionally.

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Merci de lire mes articles | Thanks for reading my articles

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  1. William R. Harper. The American Journal of Theology, the University of Chicago: Deuteronomium erklärt . Alfred Bertholet , D. Karl Marti

    [[[“””The sketch of Israel’s religious history since Moses is well drawn, and in harmony with the prevailing views at the present time. Yet on some points doubt is still permissible. Every reader of a book that claims to be the work of Moses is naturally eager to know what degree of historic probability can be attached to the events recorded. Professor Bertholet assures us that Moses brought certain tribes out of Egypt, and that he taught them to regard the marvelous events occurring under his leadership as the deeds of Yahweh, a god living in his mountain shrine on the Sinaitic peninsula.

    But the difficulties of this assumption are constantly increasing. There is no external evidence
    of Israel’s sojourn in Egypt, or of the exodus. The famous inscription of Merenptah ( The fourth pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt. He ruled Egypt for almost ten years, from late July or early August 1213 BC until his death on May 2, 1203, BC, according to contemporary historical records. He was the thirteenth son of Ramesses II ), mentioning Israel among other tribes and localities in Palestine, and the recent discovery of his mummy, have discredited at least the traditional construction of the story.

    When one reflects upon the absence, so far as our knowledge goes, of any reference to Moses or the exodus from Egypt in Hebrew literature until after the period of political union under David and Solomon, it becomes increasingly difficult to extricate even a reliable kernel of historic fact. Recent investigations have tended to show that Sinai was a mountain on the eastern side of the Elanitic Gulf, (The Gulf of Akaba. “in the land of Edom”, I Kings 9. 26), and that Egypt may have come into the story by a confusion of Mizrim with Muzri, the north-Arabian country mentioned in Assyrian inscriptions. “””]]]

    This line of “research” so reminds me of the 5 blind men feeling differ parts of the anatomy of an elephant! Foreign alien Goyim, thousands of years removed from the T’NaCH literature, devoid of any and all culture and customs of the Jewish people who wrote the literature of the T’NaCH. These morons with a PhD, their utter and complete ignorance of ancient Israelite society and/or civilization – its really rather humorous.

    [[[“””Professor Bertholet shares the common notion that Saul and David, in giving their sons names compounded with Baal, in reality meant Yahweh, and asserts that Baal was a nature-god, “in der Natur aufgehend,” while Yahweh was a god of history constantly creating something new in the changes of time, and possessing from the outset a strong tendency to assume an ethical character wholly absent in Baal.”””]]]

    Foreign alien Goyim, they tend to focus upon developing some type of theology concerning the Gods. The contrast with Talmudic and Midrashic scholarship which never once mentions the Name of G-d; this post 2nd Temple Jewish scholarship directly compares to the Esther scroll – which likewise excludes the Name of G-d. What does the Chag of Purim prioritize? To drink to the point wherein a person lacks the mental ability to discern between the names of Haman and Mordecai? The absolute absurdity of that question turns this discussion back to the 5 blind men feeling an elephant.

    The mussar taught through the Esther scroll and Talmud and Midrashic literature thereafter … they prioritize the struggle to rule the oath sworn lands with justice, confronted by the opposing Yatzirot within the hearts of all bnai brit Israel. Aggaditah\Midrashim has no connection with history, anymore than do fiction novels: (think) War and Peace addresses the history of the Napoleonic invasion of Czarist Russia. Works of fiction often employ a historical backdrop as a medium of choice by which the author introduces his fictional characters.

    Foreign alien ‘biblical scholars’ they confuse history with the Aggadic prioritization which teaches prophetic mussar. The gross failure of alien Goyim professors and expert priests and pastors to understand how Talmudic Aggaditah\midrashim understand the k’vannah of T’NaCH prophetic mussar instruction; for thousands of years Jewish scholars have quietly laughed in utter dismay at the pathetic ignorance of these self righteous Goyim — who believe their Creeds, theologies, doctrines and dogma non sense. For 2000+ years Jews have shook our heads in “benighted” disbelief in the Messiah craze which manifestly defines European society. You simply can not educate stupid.

    T’NaCH literature – the first codification of prophetic mussar – as codified through a code of Common Law. This יסוד\foundation of mussar, upon it stands the much later Talmudic codification of Jewish Common Law – the Talmud. The church could never understand Talmudic common law as the basis of Jewish faith. Jewish faith defined through the oath brit alliance obligation of צדק צדק תרדוף…Justice Justice Pursue.

    Why do bnai brit allies require justice? The scroll of Esther teaches concerning the eternal conflict between Amalek and Israel. Torah mussar instruction teaches through the medium of משל\נמשל. The commandment to make eternal war upon Amalek, this משל, it teaches the נמשל דיוק of the commandment expressed in the mitzva of kre’a shma — to love HaShem with all your לבבך\כם. The Heart (plural) houses the opposing Yatzirot, like as Adam ate from the Tree of Knowledge of good opposed by evil.

    Aggadic mussar, like the novel War and Peace, employs a historical backdrop wherein this ancient Jewish literature introduces prophetic mussar instruction. Alien Goyim “scholars”, their pneumatic exegesis Heilsgeschichte narishkeit has produced the entire history of Xtianity theological dogmatism which defines European culture and custom ‘Good News’ imperialism. Post Shoah the western attempt to export democracy and convert all nations to this latest version of the ‘Good News’ narishkeit.

    The phenomenological Biblical translation narishkeit, the idea – that translating words from language to language accurately defines the words so translated. In short, Xtian biblical scholarship surrounds and inundates its reading audiences with absolute bull shit big sounding words of rhetoric – utter non sense. The schooled PhD arrogant language of superiority, conceals the total and absolute ignorance of Goyim “scholars” on the T’NaCH for 2000+ years. Students pay huge sums of money to earn a University degree. But their technical language which these graduates now speak, it conceals their absolute ignorance of T’NaCH and Talmudic Common Law.

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