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Always Beginning Again !

Always Beginning Again !

I wish that there were some wonderful place in the Land of Beginning Again: Where all our mistakes and all our heartaches and all of our poor selfish grief could be dropped like a shabby old coat at the door and never put on again.

Louisa Fletcher Tarkington

Jeannette Bourassa 2021

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2020 | A Fresh Start !

At the beginning of my 75th year of my existence in this world what could I hope for? First: that God helps me to stay healthy physically, mentally and spiritually for the year to come. And then, try to make good decisions and good choices through out the year. And finally, try to end this year with less regrets possible. With Love, have a spectacular year 2020 everyone.

Jeannette Bourassa 2020

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Fall is coming !

photo of roadway surrounded by trees

It’s the season that I prefer because the hot weather and humidity are finished. Nature is preparing for winter. I notice that some birds are leaving us for a warm country, the trees are getting different colors before they drop their leaves, people are putting away their garden items, cutting faded flowers, turning the ground for next spring, picking up the dead leaves, putting the canvas on the pool and during this time the woman tidies the summer clothes and taking out coats, wool caps, mittens and also warm blankets. Maybe I prefer this season ’cause I was born in November.

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