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Fall is coming !

photo of roadway surrounded by trees

It’s the season that I prefer because the hot weather and humidity are finished. Nature is preparing for winter. I notice that some birds are leaving us for a warm country, the trees are getting different colors before they drop their leaves, people are putting away their garden items, cutting faded flowers, turning the ground for next spring, picking up the dead leaves, putting the canvas on the pool and during this time the woman tidies the summer clothes and taking out coats, wool caps, mittens and also warm blankets. Maybe I prefer this season ’cause I was born in November.

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Je suis née à Montréal, Québec, il y a déjà 75 ans. J'ai vécu avec mes parents et mes deux frères jusqu'à mon mariage. J'ai un fils qui fait ma joie de vivre. Je suis bénie d'avoir encore ma mère, malheureusement mon père nous a quitté il y a 5ans la journée d'anniversaire de ma mère. Durant toute ma vie j'ai été bénie de la part de Dieu, malgré beaucoup d'épreuves de santé. Dieu a toujours fait parti de tous mes projets . J'ai un petit chien depuis 9 ans qui est très attachant et plein de vie. Si je pouvais revivre ma vie, je n'y changerait rien du tout. Je suis retraitée et très heureuse d'être une blogueuse sur WordPress.

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  1. Autumn as we Brits call it, is also my favourite time of the year. Love the different shades on the trees, would absolutely love to travel to New England, hopefully, I will, before I become ancient lol. Enjoying your lovely posts, thank you.

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      1. Pleasure believe me ,I only wish I could write. I did not have an education, of my own doing, which I now regret. Everything you’re told not to do, I would go and do it, from sniffing glue ,to taking heroin. As for the latter though, I have been clean now for 4 years and my lovely daughter is back in my life. This happened by coincidence and she’s 25 now and turned out to be a beautiful responsible young woman, which I am proud of. It’s still really difficult though, as I have been fighting awful anxieties and overwhelming depression. I’m rambling away now, but It’s so nice to talk. Please forgive me.

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    1. Exactly, it’s the most wonderful time in the world. Autumn mists, chestnuts, golden yellows, amber’s, greens and purple leaves lie all around, and the distinct smell of heavenly nature. Wish I was a bear all snuggled up with my bear wife and our family of 3 young Cubs. I’m so tired, I could sleep for a thousand years.

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