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      1. D. Quigley Post Dogma Writers of the Torah – Part 1

        [[[“””I don’t think they were the Great Assembly in Ezekiel’s time. But with the education they received from Nebuchadrezzor, it would make sense they would make use of that world-changing technology. It would further explain the power bestowed upon the Zadokites. Likely out of this, Ezra finalized T’NaCH. Just testing a theory.”””]]] Response: Perhaps, the issue way before my time, so I do not know. What remains as obvious as the sun in the sky, the Talmud exists as a Common law codification, based upon the T’NaCH exists as the first Common Law codification.

        [[[“””Where would I find some really solid references for that information?

        The problem I have with regarding common law as the authority is how easily it could be altered – even if it wasn’t how could anyone tell? From what I understand the Tsadoc (Saducei)would have completely disregarded the oral Torah. Of course they didn’t survive the first century. But it would make sense why many trusted the oral above the written – if they believed the written to have been altered. This makes me very much interested in the Zadokites. If you know anything of them.

        Also I don’t think it’s fair to call Jesus JeZeus. From what I understand Jesus was a common Jewish name of the time. Jesus and his 12 were likely faithful Jews to the end. Christians never followed the teachings of those men, and likely fully changed their stories. We have no idea what Jesus would have said or did. Everything we have comes from the Cult of Paul which became known as “Christians”. And while they perversed all teachings, they also killed everyone who disagreed, which seems to match your assessment: “(approximately 950 – 1400 CE), the knowledge of how to learn Aggaditah and Midrashim had become “extinct””

        (Also I edited my earlier comment for poor language)”””]]].

        Common Law defines the British legal system. The difference between Talmudic common law and British common law … how the government organizes the courts. British courts, the judges and prosecution attorney together with the police — all receive their salaries from the State. The Written Torah commands Judges not to accept or take bribes. If as exists in both British and American Courtrooms – The State vs So & So – the Judges and the Prosecuting Attorney, both State employees, then how does this not qualify as a bribe?

        The Defense under these skewed conditions always holds an inferior position. The OJ Simpson trial, where Defense Lawyer Richard ‘Racehorse’ Haynes, made that court trial into a mockery of justice. A lot of money slid under the table. The American courts system clearly broken. The British and American models – both vertical courts. Whereas the Talmudic court system – lateral courts.

        The 3 Judges who sit on Damages Torts Courts, none receives a salary from the State. One judge assumes the role of prosecuting attorney. The 2nd judge assumes the role of defense attorney. These two judges argue their respective Cases before the 3rd judge/Nasi of the court.

        [[[“””Where would I find some really solid references for that information?”””]]] Answer: Rabbi Akiva. The influence of this Rabbi upon the organization of Talmudic common law compares to the affect the rays of the Sun that impact the Planet Earth. Rabbi Akiva’s פרדס/Pardes system of logic, this logic system all other Rabbis within the Talmud relied upon wherein they validated or invalidated precedent cases brought up to understand the specific Case\Rule Mishna.

        [[[“””Where would I find some really solid references for that information?”””]]] Everything in this world has a left and right hand/strengths and weaknesses. The Torah commandment: that judgement HaShem rules … carries the interpretation that while the Judges judge the case before them, HaShem judges the hearts of the Judges who hear and try each and every case. The word אלהים – a name for the justices of the courts. Man in the image of God … this concept too refers to the אלהים judges.

        The judges have the obligation to rule the scrambled and chaotic interests of peoples in conflict and dispute, and to righteously resolve and organize Order out of the bowels of Anarchy. Talmudic logic stands upon the יסוד of Order. Obviously any Judge who sits upon the Court who accepts bribes or other such and similar corruptions; like for example a Judge tries a Case involving direct family members etc. Clearly this latter example the objectivity of that Judge, open to dispute.

        The American revolutionaries attempted to reform the British Court system by establishing the lateral Jury system. Jury selection attempts to choose candidates who have no subjective prejudices concerning the current case heard before the Court. These Jurors, they receive no compensation from the State.

        [[[“””From what I understand the Tsadoc (Saducei)would have completely disregarded the oral Torah.”””]]] The Tzeddukim (Greek translation: Sadducee) rejected the Oral Torah logic system, Rabbi Akiva’s definition of Oral Torah. But all societies require some form of logic format. The assimilated Tzeddukim favored the logic proposed by the ancient Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle; the Rambam too had “sex” with the Greek system of logic. Jewish rabbinic authorities, the Rambam code swung them all over like as Rabbi Akiva’s פרדס logic format swung all the rabbis within the era of the Talmud over to his logic format.

        The result of Rambam winning his Civil War, which publication of his code of halachah caused; has had a tremendous impact upon all generations of Jews thereafter. Something like a domino effect. The Civil War memorialized by the Chag of Chanukah, the festival of lights, the lighting of the lights of Chanukah Jews originally dedicated the k’vanna unto HaShem – to only interpret the Written Torah through the Oral Torah logic system and not rely upon any foreign logic format whereby Jews interpreted the intent of the Written Torah commandments. Clearly following the Rambam Civil War, Jews ceased to light the lights of Chanukah with this defining k’vanna.

        [[[“””Of course they didn’t survive the first century. But it would make sense why many trusted the oral above the written – if they believed the written to have been altered.”””]]] The Muslim book of the Koran makes this exact claim. The Koran claims that Avraham offered Ishmael upon the Akedah altar. But the most simple Jewish response to this attempt at revisionist history, the first word of the Torah בראשית, this word contains within its 6 letters the words ברית אש. How come the Koran never, not even once, refers to the ברית?

        Sarah commanded Avraham to expel Hagar and her son. That only Yitzak would inherit the ברית faith. To cut a ברית requires swearing a Torah oath. To swear a Torah oath requires the Name of HaShem. The Koran never includes the Name of HaShem, just as the New Testament never includes the Name of HaShem in their books of Avodah Zarah. The term ברית refers to the oath sworn whereby the Tribes forged an alliance which resulted in the formation of the Jewish Republic of Tribes, the First Commonwealth.

        The Avodah Zarah practiced by both Muslims and Xtians replaces swearing an oath to cut an alliance, with a belief system. The Muslim Creed: Mohammad is the prophet of Allah; their lives only One God – Allah. Creeds and doctrines likewise define the faith of Xtianity.

        [[[“””This makes me very much interested in the Zadokites. If you know anything of them.”””]]]
        Response: The Zadokites, the House of Aaron family descendants of this specific branch of that family. In the life of David, before he assumed the purple mantle, (a reference to this learns from the mitzvah of tzitzit), had two families within the House of Aaron who supported his resistance against the House of Shaul. When Shlomo assumed the purple mantle he made Zadok his Cohen HaGadol. Alas, by the time of the Chanukah Civil War, the house of Zadok had assimilated and embraced the cultures and customs practiced by the ancient Greeks. The house of Zadok joined and made alliance with the Tzeddukim.

        [[[“””Also I don’t think it’s fair to call Jesus JeZeus. From what I understand Jesus was a common Jewish name of the time.”””]]] Response: Your meritorious understanding concerning a common name – quite correct. As a young man in Tulsa Oklahoma, met an old Shoah survivor by the name of Adolf. A common German name prior to the Nazi war crimes. The name Jesus compares to the name Adolf. No Jewish family ever names their male children Jesus after the New Testament abomination avodah zarah.

        The contrast between the primacy of Justice, achieved by and through lateral common law courtrooms, over the Xtian Protestant emphasis which prioritizes baptism, eucharist, penance, and justification by faith alone – all these core doctrines of the church, Judaism totally invalidates.

        Together with the Catholic narishkeit: salvation, earned through good works — avodah zarah. The whole protestant doctrine of salvation through faith in JeZeus, Judaism abhors. The avodah zarah, expressed through the rabid messiah insanity, on par with the golden calf. These core Catholic and Protestant doctrines, they serve as evidence that church European barbarians – they never accepted the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai & Horev.

        Their doctrines of salvation: belief in messiah JeZeus, and their Trinity God Head mystery – both doctrines violate the first and second commandments of the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai. Penance, bases itself upon the Pauline doctrine of Original Sin. This doctrine of avodah zarah, it shares no common ground with t’shuvah; the commandment not to follow or embrace the cultures and customs of peoples who never accepted the Sinai\Horev revelation לשמה.

        The negative Torah commandment, which forbids copying the ways of Egyptian and Canaanite avodah zarah, it serves as the primary precedent wherein Moshe the prophet logically interpreted the k’vanna of the Second Commandment. Torah Oral logic has priority over law. Mussar defines the k’vanna of all prophetic prophesy within the T’NaCH common law codification. The Talmud common law codification stands upon the יסוד of the T’NaCH common law codification. Herein defines the k’vanna of the T’NaCH\Talmud/Siddur\ sealed masoret of faith.

        All generations of the chosen Cohen nation, who rule the oath sworn lands, we all equally inherit this sealed masoret whereby HaShem judges whether we obey and do all the mitzvot לשמה. Judgment Day upon the Brit – Rosh HaShanah – the current living generations, our Cohen nation status … this Chag measures the heart, soul, and strength of the chosen Cohen nation; every year klall Yisroel stands upon the scales of Justice.

        Question: Do we establish the Torah as the Written Constitution of the Republic of States? Question: Do we establish the Federal Sanhedrin lateral common law Court system? Question: Do we empower the Federal Sanhedrin lateral common law Courts to define the prophetic mussar k’vanna – through משנה תורה\Legislative Review|Aggaditah/ of all Knesset laws … passed by this Jewish Parliament … established by the founder(s) of the Jewish State? Specifically named Israel, by David Ben-Gurion.

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