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La lumière

brown and green grass field during sunset

J’ai dit à l’homme qui se tenait là, près de la clôture: Donnez-moi une lumière que je pourrai suivre et qui me guidera dans l’inconnu. Et il m’a répondu : Va, là-bas dans la noirceur, et plonge ta main dans celle de Dieu. Ce geste sera mieux pour toi que la lumière ne peut l’être, et il te guidera encore mieux qu’un chemin que tu connais déjà par Coeur.

Auteur inconnu

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blue and brown bird on brown tree branch under blue sky

I was dreaming of it all winter season and finally , here comes the spring with all the birds singing, the flowers blooming and all my neighbours working in their gardens and the children playing and the squirrels running up and down the trees. What a wonderful feeling of freedom and revival. Have a wonderful spring day everyone.

© Jay Jay 2019


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If I could relive my « LIFE »

black and white photo of clocks

I would have invited friends to dinner even though the carpet was stained and the couch untidy. I would have eaten the popcorn in the beautiful living room and would be less worried about the dirt when we wanted to make a fire in the home. I would have taken the time to listen to my grandfather tell his youth again. I would never have insisted that the windows of the car be lifted because my hair had just been combed. I would have lit the pink candle that my children carved like a rose before it melted into the closet. I would have sat in the lawn with my children without worrying about grass stains. I would have cried less and laughed while watching TV and more watching life.

by Erma Bombeck.

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Si je pouvais revivre ma vie

gray double bell clock

J’aurais invité des amis à diner même si le tapis était taché et le divan défraichi. J’aurais mangé le pop-corn dans le beau salon et me serais moins inquiétée de la saleté quand on voulait faire un feu dans le foyer. J’aurais pris le temps d’écouter mon grand-père raconter encore un fois sa jeunesse. Je n’aurais jamais insisté pour que les fenêtres de la voiture soient remontées parce que mes cheveux venaient d’être coiffés. J’aurais allumé la chandelle rose que mes enfants m’ont sculptée comme une rose avant qu’elle ne fonde dans le placard. Je me serais assise dans la pelouse avec mes enfants sans m’inquiéter des taches d’herbe. J’aurais moins pleuré et ri en regardant la télévision et plus en regardant la vie.

par Erma Bombeck

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Reaching out to God…

Regardless of your method of sending a message to God: you can reach and touch Him, in the silences of your life , in your deepest emotions. You can touch Him, when you are in a crowd or if you are alone, if your bills are piling up and you can’t pay them, if you are troubled, if you are young or old, if you are scared or frightened, God is there! Someone said: but God is so busy; yes He is busy but His business is you.

(c) Jay Jay 2019

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A smile…


A smile costs nothing, but has a great value; he enriches those who receive him, without impoverishing those who give him. It lasts a moment, but we remember it for a long time. Nobody is rich enough to do without it; even the poor can own it. It makes families happy, business prosperous, friendships lasting. A smile rests when we are tired, encourages us when we are depressed, comforts us when we are sad, and helps us to fight all our worries. However, it can not be bought, borrowed, or stolen. It is valuable only when it is given. If you meet someone who does not give you the smile you deserve, be generous, give him yours; because no one needs a smile any more than one who can not give it to others.

© Jay Jay 2019