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🎄Happy Holidays 2021🎄

🎄Happy Holidays 2021🎄

At this time of year, I still feel a certain nostalgia, thinking of the people who left me and went to rest and who I will never see again in my life. But still, it is still a time of joy and love, which I will share with my family. I would like to thank all my WordPress subscribers for supporting me throughout this year. Happy Holidays to all and a very happy new year 2022 and may God bless you and all your families with His Love.

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Je viens de MontrĂ©al, QuĂ©bec (Canada). J'ai 77 ans. Je suis retraitĂ©e et trĂšs heureuse d'ĂȘtre une blogueuse sur WordPress.

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      1. Ryan Moody Understanding Scripture Examining Sola Sep 1, 2021
        [[[“””Habakkuk’s famous statement “but the just shall live by his faith [‘ĕmĂ»nȃ 530]” (Hab 2:4), isn’t about faith but faithfulness as rendered correctly in some versions, “but the person of integrity will live because of his faithfulness” (NET), “but the righteous person will live by his faithfulness” (NIV). The Hebrew noun ‘ĕmĂ»nȃ appears about 50 times in the Old Testament and without exception, expresses faithfulness.”””]]]

        My response:

        No incorrect. The biblical translators destroyed the Order of sugiot\paragraphs\sub chapters/ of all the T’NaCH Books!!! T’NaCH does not employ chapters and verses as does all the Xtian Bible bad translations. Cherry picking a verse – taken totally out of its sugia contexts = propaganda on the order of Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda minister of Nazi Germany. Ewwwwwwwww.

        Each and every sugia within the T’NaCH teaches mussar. Mussar – defined as a prophetic commandment(s). The Way to interpret the T’NaCH, according to the revelation of the Oral Torah at Horev, you have to learn by means of precedents. Torah law learned from both the T’NaCH and Talmud functions by means of Common Law. Meaning you have to compare similar sugiot within a Book or with other Books of the Prophets. A minor prophet, due to the brevity of those Books, traditionally learns together with the Book of Kings. A comparative sugia precedent ŚžŚœŚ›Ś™Ś Ś‘ Ś™Ś“:Ś—-Ś˜Ś–. Kings 2 14:8-16.

        The mussar commandment taught by Ś—Ś‘Ś§Ś•Ś§ which you cherry picked the p’suk\verse [[[“”” “but the just shall live by his faith” (Hab 2:4)”””]]], now has achieved clarity.

        Frank Hubenymosckerr

        I would agree with Ryan Moody that what Habakkuk 2:4 means is “fidelity” or “faithfulness”, not faith. However, I think you disagree with this but I don’t understand why. What does ŚÖ±ŚžŚ•ÖŒŚ ÖžŚ” mean in this context for you?

        However, I do agree with you that one needs to learn through precedents.

        mosckerrFrank Hubeny I does not fit into the equation. The opening sugia ŚžŚœŚ›Ś™Ś Ś‘ Ś™Ś“:Ś-Ś– teaches
        Ś•Ś™ŚąŚ© Ś”Ś™Ś©Śš Ś‘ŚąŚ™Ś Ś™ Ś”Ś©Ś 
 ŚšŚ§ ŚœŚ Ś›Ś“Ś•Ś“ ŚŚ‘Ś™Ś•The standard of faithfulness the prophet learns from king David. The Book of kings compares the faith of the kings to the standards set by king David. Jesus son of Zeus, that Pagan diety — never a king of the Jewish people.


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