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Une terre saine / A healthy land

Une terre saine / A healthy land

Faire la paix avec qui nous sommes est sans doute le meilleur moyen de commencer à nous transformer en la personne que nous pouvons être appelé à devenir. C’est dans une terre saine que les graines de potentiel qui sommeillent à l’intérieur de nous peuvent germer. Les jugements tuent notre élan naturel de vie et de croissance.

Making peace with who we are is arguably the best way to begin to transform ourselves into who we can be called to become. It is in healthy soil that the seeds of potential that lie dormant within us can germinate. Judgments kill our natural impulse for life and growth.

Jeannette Bourassa 2021

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  1. A brief history of rhetoric. In the shadow of Anti-Racism emotional outbursts.

    The Nazi racial theories defined and ultimately framed the German people with the guilt of war crimes against humanity. Today, Racism has become the latest fad among Liberal Democrats in American and European politics. Demands that White People pay reparations from enslaving the Black People – all the rage.

    But upon what foundation does the theology of White Superiority stand upon?

    The Torah rejects all forms of theology. Not a single commandment from the Torah requires Jews to believe. The 2nd commandment of the Sinai revelation, which all Goyim to this day have rejected, specifically the Commandment – Do not worship other Gods – the theology known as Monotheism totally violates.

    The 1st p’suk\verse of the kre’a shma: Here Israel HaShem our Judge HaShem is One. One has nothing to do with HaShem. Declaring HaShem as one God – that’s theology which the Torah outright rejects as avoda zara\idolatry. Making declarations about God(s) defines the avoda zara\strange worship of theology. Declaring the unity of God, like the Trinity theology\unity of the God Head/ does not accept the yoke of the kingdom of heaven.

    Acceptance of the Yoke of the kingdom of heaven, most necessarily requires acceptance upon ones’ self the obligation of the oaths which each of the 3 Avot\fathers Avraham Yitzak and Yaacov, in their turn, swore wherein they each cut an oath brit\alliance with HaShem as their “ONE” God. If you read the 2nd paragraph of the kre’a shma, an English translation equally works, you see that HaShem swore an oath unto the Avot concerning the inheritance of the oath sworn lands of Canaan. A Torah brit, if the Greater party to the sworn alliance swears an oath, how much more so the lessor party to this oath alliance\brit — swears a Torah oath.

    The New Testament never once brings the Name of HaShem (the 1st Commandment) in any biblical translation. Translating the Name of HaShem (which means Name), as found in the 1st Commandment of the Sinai revelation into some word, the sin of the Golden Calf wherein Aaron translated the Name\HaShem into the word אלהים\God; the opening of the Creation story narrative, of בראשית, HaShem breathed his Spirit into clay and transformed this clay into living flesh and blood\Adam. The Name lives as Spirit not words. The Gospel of John really missed the boat on this one. Now to swear a Torah oath brit\alliance most essentially requires to swear this oath with the Name of HaShem … and not some translation of the Name.

    The recently past Chag of Rosh HaShanna commemorates the Spirit of the Name by blowing the Shofar. It requires spirits and not words to blow the Shofar. On Yom Kippur the Cohen HaGadol\High Priest pronounces the Name of HaShem – like as done when a person swears a Torah oath brit\alliance! Obviously the Name does not exist as a word. Translating the Name into words, like as does the Xtian bible and the Muslim koran, violates the 1st Commandment of the revelation of the Torah at Sinai. Hence the Talmud teaches that Goyim have never accepted the revelation of the Torah at Sinai and Horev.

    Horev – the same physical location as Sinai – Moshe following the sin of the Golden Calf returned and fasted for another 40 days and nights and he received the “Oral Torah” revelation. Recall that at the sin of the Golden Calf that Israel demanded from Aaron, “Moshe has died, who will teach us the rest of the Torah?” The Oral Torah logic system, revealed orally to Moshe the prophet on Yom Kippur, 40 days after the sin of the Golden Calf, this logic system format — it and this logic alone – does HaShem permit the generations of the Chosen Cohen Nation to interpret the intent of the Framer of the Torah revelation – expressed through Commandments.

    A Torah commandment does not qualify as law. All the new testament writers completely missed the boat when they made that fundamental error. Law comes from Sanhedrin judicial rulings, commonly known as Halacha. Farcically ludicrous and totally funny that the New Testament writers confused Torah commandments with rabbinic judicial Sanhedrin laws. The Roman\Greek authors of the new testament clearly had but only a shallow understanding of the Torah. For example: How does the Torah define the key term “prophet”? Neither the New Testament nor the Koran ever figured that question out! Rhetoric, a Greek concept upon which stands all Church theology; the Gemara of Baba Kama\First Gate, mocks Xtian theology with the reference of: “hanging a mountain by a hair”. In 2008 candidate Obama employed the rhetoric of “C H A N G E”. He never defined what change he would bring if elected President. This rhetoric forced the People to fill in the blank by using their ‘fuzzy logic’. But post Obama the “C H A N G E” which his Administration imposed: the anti-racist hysteria which has swept across America. Banning the N-word, even in classics like Huckleberry Finn, or removing books written by Dr. Seuss from library shelves, compares to the Nazi book burning(s) of the 1930s.

    Obama got elected as a Messiah figure, similar to Jesus son of Zeus and Mohammad the “prophet”. Every 7th to 10th word of the koran employs the rhetoric of “prophet”. Rhetoric: a Mountain hanging by a hair! To be fair: Trump took the Office of POTUS through the rhetoric of: “Make America Great”; another totally undefined term whereby Trump hung his hopes of becoming the 45th President of the United States.

    Police brutality, the incarceration of blacks in grossly disproportionate numbers to their overall population in American society, these two examples alone serve as strong evidence that racism defines Federal and State government corruption. But emotional outrage does not, and can not solve the problem of racism. Racism breeds in the cesspools of strongly felt emotions. Racism stands upon the foundation of theology, as as did the Nazi theology of superior and inferior races.

    It simply not enough to physically obliterate the Nazi State. To eviscerate the scurge plague of racism, requires making all theology illegal. In effect, this would require the total destruction of Xtian churches across America and Europe…. A totally absurd suggestion! To burn all churches and mosques, (both religions stand upon their respective foundations of theology), would throw society into complete and total anarchy and chaos. No. Even passing a Constitutional Amendment which outlawed theology, such a silly reactionary stupidity would directly compare to the idiotic Prohibition Constitutional Amendment.

    At the height of the Great Depression, FDR, sworn in as the 32 POTUS, addressed the nation on March 4, 1933, with unemployment hovering near 25%, he defined his New Deal for America, with his famous speech: “Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.“

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